Turning your blog into a marketing tool

Company websites are no longer complete without their accompanying blogs. From featuring the latest announcements to sharing thoughts about pertinent industry topics, company blogs allow businesses to find their voice and define their niche within their respective industries.

However, company blogs are also one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. With the variety of topics you can talk about, your blog’s content can reach bigger audiences and introduce your brand to individuals who may not have heard of it yet. If they find your content relevant, insightful, or even simply relatable, then they may become your next customer or client. 

As such, it is important that your company blog produces content that is consistently high-quality, adherent to your business’ mission, and tailor-made to generate inbound traffic. Your blog should create content that is not only significant to your company and its industry, but also optimized for search engines and social media to better attract readers. 

In addition, while you may have more freedom over what type of content you want to feature and what tone your company will convey, having your own blog also means that running and maintaining the blog would be an internal effort, which is often easier said than done. Blog owners must always study their blog’s analytics to see which stories are performing above and below average in order to maximize traffic, and adjust their content accordingly to yield better results.

Ambidextr can help you with your blog writing and management, turning your company blog into a powerful inbound marketing tool.

Elevating your company’s blog writing

As a content marketing studio, we can create different types of posts and write-ups that best suit your company blog. Our content will not only represent your company’s identity in the best possible way, but it will also generate more traffic to your website and expand your reach to a broader audience.

We will interface with your team to create a content roadmap for your blog, making sure it adheres to your company’s goals and vision. While we will ask for your team’s approval for every piece of content published, we will take care of the entire writing and publication process, allowing you to focus on your core business instead of continuously worrying about what to write for your next blog post. 

We will also create a monthly schedule for your blog, working toward the right frequency for your posts. Whether you want it focused on announcements or on industry insights, we will work toward creating the best company blog that fits your needs. On top of those, we will work with you to form your company’s voice, ensuring that it appeals to your target market and that it is consistent with the type of content you want to produce. 

In addition, we will make sure that your company blog publishes consistently high quality content. Our team is composed of writers with diverse portfolios, having written and published several pieces relating to technology, business, lifestyle, entertainment, and various other industries. Our writers’ works have also been featured in mainstream media such as Tech in Asia, e27, and Entrepreneur as well as published in books such as The Finishers, ensuring that any content written for your blog will have the same standards as these publications.

Aside from being widely relevant, your blog posts will also be written with the intent of generating as much readership as possible. Every blog post will be SEO-optimized, adhering to the best practices set out by Google and other search engines. We will also help you in crafting the best way to share your content on your social media channels in order to net the most engagements.

Our job doesn’t end with the writing. We will also interface with your team in reviewing your company blog’s analytics, identifying trends within the blog’s overperforming and underperforming stories. With this knowledge, we will work with you to further refine your content roadmap in order to optimize your blog, making sure it maintains a high readership while still focusing on the topics and ideas that best generate interest in your business. 

With our blog writing services, we will optimize your blog to maximize its potential to generate leads, entice potential clients, and maintain your current customer base. More importantly, we will work to create a consistent and fitting company voice throughout your blog, making sure that it best expresses your business identity.

Our blog writing services

We can write a variety of blog posts for your company, such as:

Industry insights

Promotional material

News and announcements

Research and case studies

Employee profiles

Internal updates