The need for effective copy

Businesses, whether startup companies or veterans in the industry, perpetually find different ways to sell to their market. One of the evident obstacles in selling is the presence of competitors. Your target market is always exposed to products, goods, and services which are similar to what your business offers. Everyday, they encounter hundreds of advertisements — in reading the newspaper, watching television, scrolling through social media, and looking at billboards when stuck in heavy traffic. 


For startups, you may struggle standing out in a pool of well-known and -resourced companies, so you need to introduce your business in a way that will make your market choose you over the rest. For established businesses, you may need to find ways to retain your customers among the existing and emerging competitors. Nonetheless, you will eventually need to find creative yet informative ways to make your product or service, not only appeal more to your audience, but also lead them to your desired action. The best way to do this is through creating effective copy and collaterals to promote your business. We, in Ambidextr, can do exactly that for you.

Copywriting as a skill and an essential element in marketing

David Ogilvy, a legend in the field of advertising, stated in his book Confessions of an Advertising Man, “What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.” Copywriting is one of the most critical elements in advertising and marketing. It communicates to a large audience through meticulously chosen words that must generate a certain action. Copy should not be a kind of high-falutin writing in which you describe the product in the fanciest way possible. In contrast, copywriting requires an intensive research of the brand and its target market in order to create effective copy that is written creatively, eloquently, and concisely. 

Your promotional material may have stunning visuals, but it may not be as powerful without effective copy. The visuals are important elements in attracting the attention of the audience. But it is compelling copy, for example in the form of a slogan, that lingers in the minds of the people. Unlike having a salesperson to market your company face-to-face with consumers, copy needs to reach a larger number of people in a limited number of time and space. A challenge presented to copywriters is to create something that communicates with the larger audience. With such a critical and an intensive task, it is essential and beneficial to have a team of experienced and skilled writers to work with you in writing copy and collaterals.

Strategizing and creating together

With Ambidextr, you will be working with professionals who are experienced in the various fields of marketing and communication. The team is composed of skilled writers specializing in content marketing, creative writing, brand journalism, marketing, and sales. Our writers have published extensively in various industries such as business, technology, lifestyle, and entertainment.

As a full-service content marketing studio, Ambidextr can create different types of copywriting to support the marketing and sales of your company. Our team of professional writers can create a copy for any desired medium of promotion. The team can create copy for brochures, pamphlets, promotional flyers, and other printed materials of your choice. 

Ambidextr can also help your business reach out to a wider audience online through web content and blog writing. Moreover, let us help you walk with your market through your products or services by writing effective sales scripts and demonstration scripts. Apart from these, Ambidextr can also help you write complex materials such as product data sheets and product white papers. 

Ambidextr can create virtually any type of copy and collaterals that your business needs. You can reach out to us by sending a copy of your brief describing the assignment. Outline the purpose of the promotional material, pertinent information on the company and its marketing environment, the objectives of the campaign, and lastly the background of your target market. From there, Ambidextr can research further to create an effective and cohesive promotional material.

Together, let us sell your products and services by connecting your brand with a larger audience through effective copywriting.