Crisis Management


Our brand deals with crisis

Crisis Management is a service that most companies wish they never have to avail of.

According to the Institute of PR, “A crisis is defined here as a significant threat to operations that can have negative consequences if not handled properly. In crisis management, the threat is the potential damage a crisis can inflict on an organization, its stakeholders and an industry.”

A crisis can occur anytime, anywhere and more often than not, without any warning. Companies can do all they can to avoid them and to contain the information.

In the age of social media and the internet, handling crises and managing the information becomes even more critical as videos are uploaded on Facebook, photos shared on Instagram, rants posted on Twitter all in split seconds. And once it’s out there, it can be shared and shared and shared to audiences with audiences with audiences.

Unfortunately, there will be times indeed when efforts will fail, the news will break, and one is left with the unsavory task of managing how a company responds, in a timely manner, to minimize any setbacks in terms of operations and revenues but more importantly to redeem reputation. Always remember, too, that crisis itself represents an excellent opportunity to demonstrate values and show just the stuff we are made of, and turn it into actual gains for the organization.
This is where the skills, good sense, and confidence comes in, with years of experience as PR professionals, as Advertising Executives, and as Journalists in the frontlines — the very strategic and highly tactical squad we have put together at Ambidextr.

How can we help

Our team of experts will work with your company’s principals to develop the proper response and a thorough action plan. 

We will meet with company principals, stakeholders and decision makers to make a clear and accurate assessment of the situation.

We will develop and execute a crisis communications and management plan in a most timely manner.

We will help prepare all communication, statements that are made by the company or on behalf of the company.

We will us these materials and repurpose them for other initiatives such as content for social media 

We will review all social media posts on all official company accounts.

We will monitor all comments and messages submitted to the company social media accounts and assist you on how and when to respond.  This is a vital tool in gauging how the public feels about the company during and after the crisis has been resolved.

We will advise all of the company representatives who will engage with media on what to say and how to say it.

By doing so we can ensure that there is only one message that is shared with the public.  We avoid any misinformation and prevent any miscommunication.

Why wait for crisis to strike?

At Ambidextr, we have over 40 years combined experience in working with various brands on how they communicate with their public and what they communicate with their public.  We have worked with individuals and trained them on how to face the media, how to respond to the media and how to interact with the media. 

Through these years of experience and the myriad of situations and crises that we have assisted our clients on, we are some of your best partners in navigating the often very complex and complicated path through diffusing and resolving a crisis. 

Having said that, we are a firm believer that “you can’t put a good man down.” Any well-meaning organization’s day to day communications programs must thus be executed with the goal of building this solid bedrock of goodwill, upon which you can rest on in times of crisis. 

And so rather  than waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop? Email us at so we can sit down and see how Ambidextr can be your partner on all your proactive PR needs.