From The 50: Atty. Glecy Silva Mendoza of Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

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“Basically, we go beyond and above our employee’s needs because we value their service. The hospital, which is owned and operated by the oldest charitable institution in the country, would not be able to survive for over a century without our dedicated and talented healthcare professionals,” she said. 

“We emphasized to every medical professional under our wing—whether they are doctors, nurses, technicians, or admin staff—that we are working not just as a hospital but as a compassionate institution,” said Mendoza, adding that the hospital is steeped in the tradition of humanitarian and charitable work.  

People are still the best asset of a company, thus the hospital heavily invests in its employees’ talent development in terms of computer training and application, and their written and oral communication skills through regular training sessions and business seminars. On top of these programs, the institution hosts professional enhancement training and customer service and business etiquette exercises. Aside from the in-house training, which was facilitated both by company trainers and third-party professionals and experts, CGHMC also sends employees outside the workplace for further professional and technical training for medical workers. 

The hospital has a comprehensive range of internship, residency, and fellowship medical training programs based on the specialty that the medical staff would like to go into facilitated by the Medical Education Department of the hospital. CGHMC has also partnered with the Ateneo Graduate School of Business for its professional education program, the Masters in Business Administration in Health (MBAH), for 23 of its department heads from the medical and administrative departments as part of its succession planning program. This education program is also in partnership with United Laboratories, which covered part of the associated costs.

All in all, the hospital conducts about 34 soft skills training in a year, which is enough to say that CGHMC is truly being proactive in shaping their employees and doctors to be the best medical workers they can be.

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