From The Evangelists: Brei Cabreira Garcia of Belo Medical Group

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To marketing leaders, perception is everything, more so with Belo Medical Group where beauty is the end game. While integrated marketing and communications is all about how the brand is viewed, the beauty industry harnesses the full power of perception more than any other line of business. Perhaps no one else knew this better than a woman in the marketing field.

Brei Cabreira Garcia has always been attracted to the glitz and glamor found in publishing. Cosmopolitan, Preview, Town & Country, Meg, and Lifestyle Asia Travel are just some of the magazines she’s worked with. Her exposure to creating integrated marketing campaigns for these titles and their numerous advertisers on print, on ground, and online eventually landed her a job in Globe Telecom, where she led award-winning go-to-market campaigns for one of its new products. Shortly afterward, she was tapped to be the Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Belo Medical Group. For Garcia, this transition was her way of “marrying the two” loves of her life: beauty and technology.

Fortunately for her, Belo did not exactly start its marketing from scratch as renowned dermatologist/media personality Dr. Vicki Belo was already a “celebrity in her own right.” The influence she had in building the brand up is where the company shines brightest. Garcia stated that although the brand remains as the top medical aesthetic ambulatory clinic in the country, it does not mean that all efforts should be put on stasis. Consumers are ever-changing and their purchase habits are evolving. What was once a tried-and- tested strategy of leveraging on celebrities and endorsers to build a brand no longer assures success. Today, marketing is not only about getting your brand out there but also ensuring that your brand intersects with the lifestyle of your consumers.

It is with this challenge that Garcia is leading the marketing team along with the company’s direction to take on a digital transformation for the Belo Medical Group. Under her wing, she launched a digital-first team that utilized everything from social media to the company’s very own app. She launched the company’s online shop and online consultations together with her team so that you can reach your Belo doctors no matter where you are. “Leveraging these digital platforms allowed us to be relevant to the day-to-day lives of our customers. The goal is not just to be a brand that not only offers its services in the clinics but to make it as integrated into our customers lives as possible,” she said.

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