From The Evangelists: Celerina Amores of Ayala Foundation

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For Celerina Amores, Senior Director for Corporate Communications at Ayala Foundation, it’s not always about the business. Working with a corporate foundation puts her in a position where the focus should be the needs of the communities, all while keeping in step with business.

Prior to Ayala Foundation, she worked with GMA Network, specifically handling regional news and public affairs. It seems like quite the jump from one industry to another, but her background in broadcast media has helped greatly in her work today. In fact, she believes that the mix of media and news and the more lifestyle-attuned culture of Ayala Foundation can be very beneficial to communities.

“We’re now able to think bigger, get out of the typical mold of a foundation and be more proactive and creative in the things that we do along the lines of disseminating information―up to our board, partners, and sponsors and down to our colleagues and communities,” Amores shared.

To illustrate their communication strategy, Amores used the example of helping a farming community. “We have to be able to elevate their issues or topics on a level that will be interesting and relevant to the public,” Amores said. “I think this is where media experience comes in handy because you’re able to contextualize a pain point and manage to tell your story with the help of data.”

As much as possible, they base stories on data they have collected from their groundwork and available literature. With the data they have, they can better identify problems that need to be addressed in a more holistic manner.

Numbers on paper may be good to look at, especially when you see just how many people have been helped. However, numbers alone will not be enough to cause the change that the organization seeks. “We believe that there must be faces or case studies to tell a particular story. When you’re telling a story, ordinary viewers or readers should be able to understand you so that your story inspires others to help and on the whole, allows you to achieve impact,” Amores said.

That is why she advocates for the “masa-fication” (to make accessible to the masses) of communications, hence, the promotion of language that caters more to the masses starting with their social media posts. Amores, along with her diverse and dynamic team, now do more posts in Tagalog. “I think people get to appreciate you more if you’re more in touch with their core. I think as a communicator, that’s what I tried to bring in,” Amores said. Since then, her group noted an increase in traffic and interactions with their posts.

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