From The Evangelists: Kim Lato of Kimstore

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Thanks to social media, it’s now easier more than ever for brands to reach their target audience and expand their business further. In fact, it was social media that helped Kim Lato establish Kimstore as one of the top e-commerce sites for electronic gadgets in the Philippines.

It was in 2006 when Lato first had an inkling of putting up Kimstore. She was a sophomore Marketing Management student at the De LaSalle University when she struggled to purchase a camera lens from Amazon because the e-commerce site didn’t ship items to the Philippines at the time. Frustrated at the lack of similar online retailers in the country, Lato decided to put one up herself on social e-commerce site Multiply initially focused on cameras, lenses, and other photography accessories. She expanded her line of products to include laptops, smartphones, tablets, and electronic accessories when Kimstore started gaining traction.

Since many people were socializing and transacting through Multiply as well, many people discovered Kimstore and supported it religiously. The support was consistent even when it moved to Facebook after Multiply shut down in 2013 and had an official website a few years after the business was established.

Today, Kimstore continues to be one of the primary and trusted sources of gadgets for tech-savvy Filipinos partly because of its active presence on many social media channels. With Lato being familiar with the social media sphere herself before Kimstore came to be, it was inevitable for the brand to be constantly present online as well.

“We strongly believe in the power and influence of social media. Right now, we have about three million followers on Facebook, more than 200,000 on Instagram, and over 10,000 on Twitter,” Lato said, noting that all of their followers are organic.

Just on their Facebook page alone, Kimstore posts about the latest gadgets, accessories, and promos almost every hour. Aside from the frequency, Kimstore also posts their announcements accompanied by relevant trending posts, as those garner the most attention from their young customers.

With such a large following, it was only right for Lato and her entire team to stay on top of trends so that they could better relate to Kimstore’s followers. It was also appropriate to do so considering that technology evolves as time passes by—a sleek smartphone that is popular today can be considered old and dull next year. Kimstore’s social media team also stays relevant by hosting Facebook Live sessions and implementing other engaging tactics on social media to capture their followers’ attention.

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