Media Relations

If advertising is about building a relationship between your brand and the market, media relations is the relationship between your brand and the press, who can speak about the impactful work your business has been doing. 


The media, in spite of the crisis it is facing due to the proliferation of trolls and fake news, remains one of the most respected sources by the public. 


In a study published by communication professors in the US, they found “earned media” stories, or those written organically by the press, remain to be the most credible source of recommendation for consumer purchases by the public over obvious advertising. And with the continuously blurring line between B2C and B2B advertising strategies, the finding could easily extend to transactions and deals done by companies with partners.


According to the study, the public usually sees native advertisements with a filter, a bias towards certain brands. With public relations, brands and businesses can be written about by independent journalists who can provide objective angles for consumers.


This only emphasizes the importance of press relations for companies trying to build or keep an image as a credible establishment. Getting the word out about the work you do on the publications your target market—from customers and clients to employees and investors—reads, is a pursuit worth taking. Remember, the public still finds the media as the more credible information channel than advertising materials. 

Not only will it boost sales, but your continuous visibility in the press may also heighten resonance to the other market you wish to serve: the people who will help you achieve company success. An effective press relations strategy may also help in strengthening your employer image and boost your team’s morale. After all, a little recognition goes a long way.

Trust the press relations specialists

We, at Ambidextr, may help you achieve these aforementioned goals. As a team composed of professionals who were previously part of or have close relationships with the press, we may help your brand connect with publications both online and offline. Our team has a network that goes beyond our headquarters, the Philippines, as it extends to the rest of Asia Pacific. 


Our partnerships and relationships with these publications extend to your brand as we help you craft the story and image your brand wants to share and exude. An effective media relations strategy is only possible when the brand can help the press to write the stories they would want to be shared with their audience, too. 


At Ambidextr, we can help you do so by creating the story pitches that will help you get written and featured by journalists and editors. This can be done through various methods, from simple media interviews to something more extensive and elaborate as a press event. Allow us to do the pre- and post- event preparations to ensure your brand is top of mind by your audience. The effort requires coordination and organization work that is better left with specialists. 


The work doesn’t stop there. A huge part of media relations is keeping amicable and mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with the members of the press. 


As your media relations liaison, Ambidextr can ensure that your brand is always in good light and not just during the after-glow of an event. This requires regular conversations with press people, social listening, and strategic projects and content that may help you be seen at your best all the time. 


All these aim to communicate the goals and values your brand wants the market to receive, the most important part of the business conversation. 


Let us do these marketing and networking work as you focus on building your company.