Ready Or Not 2020

Are you ready for the digital revolution?

Technology is transforming life and business in the Philippines. In this sequel, Ready Or Not 2020, Filipino tech entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran Winston Damarillo shows how everyone - from everyday people to global institutions - must adapt to the future.

Four years ago, “digital” was either what business aimed to be or transform into. Disruptors and disruptions put industries into crossroads, altering the way people lived for good. It’s the future that serial entrepreneur Winston Damarillo described in his first best-selling book.

Now, in his brand new sequel Ready or Not 2020: The 5 Trends Changing the Landscape of Business, Damarillo shares how established businesses and new startups navigate a market forever changed by the digital imperatives of the last decade. This time, Damarillo looks deeper into the inner-workings of real businesses, fast-growing startups, and how they are struggling to compete regionally.

About the Author

Winston Damarillo graduated with a degree in Engineering at the De La Salle University at the age of 19 before moving to the US. There, he worked his way up at Intel, where he created a software that eventually became pivotal in the development of video calls. After his stint in the tech giant, he built his own startups and sold them to industry leaders: Gluecode, which was bought by Intel; Logicblaze, acquired by Iona Technologies; and Webtide, which was sold to Intalio. Damarillo was named a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2010.

Ready Or Not 2020

by Winston Damarillo