With the majority of the world now active online—already at 57 percent of the population to be exact—it’s becoming more apparent that brands and businesses have no choice but to be on the Internet to advance in their respective industries. 

Aside from creating a website, the best way to do this is by establishing presence on some of the world’s biggest social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, based on where their target audiences may be. After all, 8 out of 10 people online are on social media. But with these platforms’ constantly changing algorithms and systems, it’s easy to get lost and paralyzed by their wide-ranging features and offerings. 

This is where Ambidextr may come in. As a tech-enabled and data-driven content marketing firm, we have the tools and talent to make sense of what may be the best ways for your brand or business to create a lasting impression online. 

Social media marketing is more than just raking millions of followers on Facebook or generating thousands of views on your Instagram livestream, for example. It’s about engaging the community of consumers you want to reach online and turning them into customers. More often, this means a brand has to tell a story for the audience to remain engaged.

Choose the right platforms

Audience engagement can be done in multiple ways depending on who you want to reach. It has been said before, each platform has its own unique character and personality. What could work well with Platform A may not always be effective when done in Platform B—simply because of the different demographics using each. 

Facebook may be the biggest “country” online with around 1.2 billion active users every day, but it may not be the best platform for your brand if you want to reach millennials, as most of them are in another Facebook territory: Instagram. According to the data collated by the London School of Economics, 90 percent of the latter’s users are under 35 years old. If you want to reach the youngest people online, try to be in the platform they use the most—Snapchat. More than half of the platform’s users are under 25 years old.

The platforms your brand participate in, and the campaigns you want to craft, will all boil down to what your brand’s goals are. Being on these platforms isn’t an assurance that the customers will follow simply because your brand is there. It matters to have the right content to engage the right markets. 

Storytelling in Social Media

Content has wide-ranging types: it can be in the form of a heart-tugging online commercial, a series of informative posters, even by administering a community page that will resonate with the audience you want to tap. 

At this point, consumers don’t just want to be solely informed by your brand’s latest offerings, they want to be entertained—enthused with captivating content then later on enticed with new products, according to the latest study conducted by Sprout Social. In the same study, it was revealed that social media posts that “entertain” and “inspire” are more likely to be shared and liked by consumers than those that feature product discounts and offerings. They want brands that they can connect with and they can relate to. The findings only emphasize what consumers want online: stories that matter. 

Let Ambidextr help your brand create yours. 

Ambidextr will be your creative partner in ensuring your brand’s promise and value proposition will translate in the campaigns you want to pursue online. As a team of writers trained in different fields—advertising, corporate marketing, brand journalism, and online publishing—we can craft a brand voice that will resonate with your target customers in whatever platform they may be in. 

We will ensure every piece of content you produce and publish for the audience online will be the ones that align with your business’ long-term goal and vision, and the ones that will have a priceless impact in your brand value. 

Let’s start your brand’s story online today

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