The Essential Guide for Founders in the Philippines

Published in 2017, The Finishers documented the stories of top tech founders in the Philippines. The book featured an afterword from Senator Bam Aquino, became a bestseller in the tech ecosystem, and was distributed to delegates at the country’s events for ASEAN Summit.

If you want to build a business in the Philippines, you should learn from our nation’s most successful founders. The Finishers collects 11 first-hand stories of entrepreneurs who managed to scale their tech startup and exit via acquisition.

Featuring the founding-to-exit stories of these great tech startups:

About the Author

Ezra Ferraz wrote The Finishers after encountering a group of local entrepreneurship students who could not name a single successful Philippine founder. He documented the stories found in the book to give them local heroes.

Ezra graduated from UC Berkeley and earned a Master in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. The Finishers is his first book – his second will be published world-wide in late 2018 or early 2019 by Apress.

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By Ezra Ferraz

If you are an entrepreneur in the Philippines, you need to know how our top founders have already managed to succeed here – The Finishers tells you in engaging, easy-to-read writing.