Establishing your business identity

One of the most important and most difficult things for a business to do is to establish its niche in its industry. With hundreds of other companies in the same sector, it has become necessary to make the extra effort to stand out and be heard in order to win the eyes and ears of your target market.


Among the best ways to carve that niche and establish your company’s identity is through thought leadership marketing, which involves publishing blogs and articles that talk about pressing issues, unique insights, and other relevant topics on your industry. This strategy not only gets your company’s name out to relevant audiences who are already interested in your products or services, but it also establishes your founder and your company as a thought leader in the space.


As a thought leader, your founder and company become important voices in the discussion of various relevant topics. This ultimately increases the exposure of your brand and improves your company’s reputation, as you will become a sought-after voice for their expertise. This can lead your founder to be invited to speak at conferences, be interviewed by mainstream media, and even be asked to join discussions with industry regulators.


But becoming a thought leader takes more than simply continuously speaking out about a topic or issue relevant to your industry. These insights must be curated to strike a balance between sharing valuable opinions and promoting your brand. You must also make sure that these insights are published in top-tier publications so it can reach wider audiences. And most importantly, these insights must all contribute to establishing your founder and your company as thought leaders.


That’s where Ambidextr can come in and help.

Bringing out your Thought Leadership

With our expertise in content writing and media relations, we will work with your founder to create thought leadership pieces that position them as the go-to name for your industry. We can also publish other thought leadership articles that further solidifies your company’s niche.

We will interface with your team to discuss how you would like to position your founders, executives, and company as thought leaders. From this, we will work together to create pieces that will best represent your founder’s views and position them as an industry expert. 

Thanks to our team of professional writers, the thought leadership pieces for your company will be of high and consistent quality. With our writers’ collective experience of writing news articles, magazine features, and even books, we will ensure that every thought leadership piece for your company will be insightful, attention-grabbing, and well-written.

Our thought leadership pieces will not only position your founder as an industry expert, but it will also improve your company’s reputation among your target market. Being seen as an insightful and trusted voice in the industry will also increase brand recognition, as your founder and your company will be frequently featured in various media articles and public conferences. This will generate more inbound leads, boost your following on social media, and ultimately increase your business sales and revenue.

With these goals in mind, we will leverage our network of mainstream media to ensure that these thought leadership pieces will get published to relevant and high-quality publications. The thought leadership pieces of our partners have been featured in both local and international publications, such as: