Video Production

Our process for video production

Companies, large and small, have always used videos as a marketing tool.  Whether it be advertisements, corporate audio-video presentations, explainer videos or infomercials, videos have always been able to capture people’s attention better than text and photos printed on a piece of paper or seen on a screen. 

But with the popularity of the smartphone, video has solidified its status as one of the most effective digital marketing tools.  It can gather and secure the most loyal of followers who will share your message with their own followers, and so on and on. It is, as they say, the gift that keeps on giving.

It is just an undeniable fact.  Videos are more engaging. They have a higher recall and they are more shareable.  You can watch videos over and over again, even without sound and it will still elicit the same reaction, every single time. If you want people to hear your message, to stay tuned, or tell them a story – do so on video.  

And, though there are some that think, “We can make our own company videos in house.  All we need is a smartphone!” And though it may be true, there is still nothing like hiring a team of experts who have done this before, and done it well.  Because you will only have one chance to share your message, correctly, accurately, and professionally. So though it does sound so much easier to just shoot your own video with your smartphone, that video may not be what you need to meet your objectives, impart your brand or company’s key message and ultimately, you may have just wasted time and resources.

At Ambidextr, we know what we’re doing.  We will help you create the right video, at the right time, with the right message, and most importantly, for the right budget. 

It all starts with our teams coming together to align on your budget and your objectives.  From there, Ambidextr will develop the concept, the storyline, the mood and tone. We will string words together to come up with a script that will turn bullets on the presentation deck into a story that will make people feel what we want them to feel, learn what we want them to learn, and hear what we want them to hear.

We will serve as the executive producer who will oversee every single aspect of the production. We will make sure that we have the best team, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, working on your video.   

We will assemble a creative lineup—director, writer, production designer, if necessary—who will share your vision and enhance the story that we want to tell.  We will bring in the technical experts—cinematographer, lighting director, sound engineer, editor—who will use their years of experience to produce a flawless final material.  We will cast the right set of talents who will bring our shared vision to life. 

Beyond all the creative and technical aspects, Ambidextr will also rid you of all the stress and hassle of the logistical requirements.  We will seek out the perfect location, apply and secure proper permits and source everything that is necessary for the production. We will interface with appropriate representatives in your company so that we can guarantee that all aspects of the production will be smooth sailing. 

We will make sure that every single element that goes into the production of your video is of the highest talent, finest quality and excellent craftsmanship.

The reason that we can assure you that the finished product we deliver is beyond reproach is because we have within the Ambidextr team experts who have worked on a variety of video productions including international TV shows, award-winning TV commercials as well as local and internationally critically acclaimed films.

Our in-house experts have also established their own network of some of the most highly respected and experienced production professionals who will all work together to deliver a video that will entice and engage your audience.  

Video content is here to stay.  And all brands, large, medium or small, established corporations and start-ups, should all make video a constant and integral part of their marketing strategy. And Ambidextr is definitely ready, willing and absolutely able to deliver.

Our specialty in video production

We can create videos in various formats, styles and quality, depending on your requirement, including the following:

Explainer Videos

Vlogs or Video Blogs





Customer Testimonials



Product Videos

Live Video

Highlight Reels