15 Journalists you need to know in Asia’s tech scene

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tech journalists in asia

If you’re a founder in Asia, you want to get regular coverage of your startup’s news, milestones, and other successes. Yet you don’t want to be featured just anywhere – you want to appear in the most respected publications, in articles written by the top journalists.

In 2016, contributor Steve Feiner wrote an article for Forbes Asia about 30 must know journalists in Asia’s tech scene. This article represents our attempt to provide an updated and curated list for founders in the region. Most are new faces, some remain the same, but the call to action is the same: You need to know these journalists. 

Without further ado, here are our picks. 

With the rise of the tech scene in Asia, people look for figures to influence and update them on the latest and most relevant news. But these days, consumers don’t just look for a master of one but luminaries and journalists who can educate them on numerous topics at once. 

1. James Griffith – CNN

Updating us on all things relevant through his news articles and tweets, James Griffith is a man to keep an eye out for. This now senior producer of CNN not only keeps us up to date about all the breaking news in terms of politics in Asia, but is also a part-time writer for TechCrunch and Asia Tech. @jonrussell

2. Catherine Shu – TechCrunch

Catherine Shu still remains to be one of the most reliable sources for news on the tech industry. Aside from writing about technology in TechCrunch, she can also be found writing about Asia’s pop culture and politics. @catherineshu

3. Newley Purnell – The Wall Street Journal

A journalist of The Wall Street Journal since 2014, Newley Purnell knows the ins and outs of the tech industry. Most of his articles focus on his home country India and how technology affects the nation and its people. @newley

4. Trevor Tan – The Strait Times

With 15 years of experience of tech journalism experience, Trevor Tan is a veteran of this beat. He enjoys writing breaking news articles as well as more personal opinion pieces on anything digital. Formerly a correspondent for The Straits Times Digital Life, Trevor is now the deputy tech editor for the publication. @trevortan

5. Martin Abbugao – AFP

Martin Abbugao boasts a strong background in journalism in important historical events in the Philippines. He covered the rise of then-president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his subsequent downfall and the effects these events had on the Philippines. Martin is now based in Singapore as a senior correspondent for Agence France-Presse (AFP) as a tech writer but still covers historical topics on Southeast Asia. @mabuggao

6. Una Galani – Thomas Reuters

Based in Mumbai, Una Galani is an associate editor in Reuters. She covers a myriad of topics ranging from tech and business all the way to finance and politics, mostly focused on India. Una’s accolades include the Asia Pacific Best Editorial Comment at the State Street Press Awards and the Reuters Global Analysis of the Year. @ugalani

7. Resty Woro Yuniar – South China Morning Post

A former tech reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Resty is now an Indonesian correspondent for the South China Morning Post (SCMP). She is certainly passionate about her home country as most of her articles delve into the political going-ons of the Indonesian government and its implications on her country, with some articles focusing on the country’s technology. @restyworo

8. Sophia Yang – Taiwan News 

You could say Sophia is a jack-of-all-trades. With a masters degree in both the arts and in business, her expertise ranges from marketing, public relations, and journalism, to name a few. Sophia is now currently the managing editor for Taiwan News and has held this role for nearly six years. @sophiayang

9. Jon Russell – TechCrunch

Before becoming a reporter for TechCrunch, Jon has already written about many articles on tech news. He is surely one to follow for any new updates concerning the Internet, business, consumer technology, and different kinds of startups all over Asia. @jonrussell

10. Mark Milan Macanas – TechPinas

As the owner, editor-in-chief, and creator of TechPinas (the most viewed technology blog in the Philippines), Mark is full of ambition and verve. Although he graduated with a degree in economics, he soon realized that journalism was his passion after wanting to write gadget reviews to empower other Filipinos. After the creation of TechPinas, Mark has become a brand ambassador for numerous large companies such as Globe Telecom and Smart Communications – he is even editor-in-chief for Smart’s own magazine. @markmacanas

11. Jaclyn Teng – Tech In Asia

Tech in Asia’s very own Jaclyn Teng is one journalist to watch out for. Before joining Tech in Asia as a writer and a reporter, she already had many experiences under her belt as a writer for Marriott Manila and personality Erwann Heussaff. Jaclyn is an all-around kind of girl, using her skills in writing to adapt and survive while constantly satiating her persistent curiosity. @jaccrabbit

12. Victor Barreiro Jr. – Rappler

Technology plays a large part in Victor’s life, having written about it for more than seven years and counting. Besides writing about tech-related news for Rappler, Victor keeps a personal blog called Games and Geekery for writing more opinion-driven tech pieces. @vbarreirojr

13. Isaac Rouse – HYPEBEAST.com 

Isaac plays a hand in the success of HYPEBEAST.com as his work made the Entertainment category the third most searched category on the website. A self-confessed gamer and geek at heart, he writes about technology for  the HYPEBEAST. @JokermanUno

14. Terence Lee – Tech In Asia 

Terence is one of Tech in Asia’s editors who have stewarded the company from just a news article site to a multi-platform publication that includes a job board, an internal agency, and regular tech events. He spearheads large teams of full-time and freelance writers for the success of the publication. In doing so, Tech in Asia’s readership has grown manifold. @terenceleejx

15. Sahil Bhalla

Based in Mumbai, Sabil Bhalla has been a freelance technology journalist in the tech industry since August of 2018. Before becoming a freelancer, Sabil worked as a principal correspondent for Catch News for three years and has written articles for the Hindustan Times. Aside from his interest in tech, Sahil also describes himself as a film fanatic and food lover. @IMSahilBhalla

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