18th China Fintech Summit to be held in Shanghai

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Shanghai, China – In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, and the accelerated integration of financial industry and technology, the emergence of innovative businesses and technologies has led to a significant increase in financial risks. At the same time, with the increasing opening up of the financial industry, the financial information infrastructure has also faced different forms of cyber risks at home and abroad. 


Once a security risk occurs in the financial industry, it will not only threaten the interests of users but also bring huge losses to the financial enterprises themselves and undermine the development of the entire industry. Therefore, strengthening the security of key information infrastructure has gradually become an important issue in China’s network security. 


At the same time, the financial industry’s critical information infrastructure stores a large amount of personal and business data, which is an important cornerstone for maintaining social operations, and supports important businesses in related industries or sectors. The increasing dependence of the financial industry on information systems has made the information infrastructure security in the financial industry one of the most important tasks in China’s network security planning.


In order to further explore the network security planning, build the critical information infrastructure security system of the finance industry, and strengthen financial industry network security technology innovation, “18th China Fintech Summit – Focusing on Financial Industry Cyber Security” will be held on November 28th- 29th, 2019 in Shanghai. The 2-day summit will provide numerous engagement opportunities for participants, such as exhibitions, presentations, panel discussions, one-on-one business meetings, and investor meetups. It will gather delegates from relevant government agencies, state-owned banks, joint-stock commercial banks, insurance companies, securities companies, internet finance companies and other representatives of financial institutions to discuss the hot topics of financial network security, so as to find the best business partners.


Hot Topics

  • Brief Interpretation of National Network Security Law
  • Risks and Challenges Faced by Financial Enterprises in Field of Network Information Security Under the New Situation
  • Network Security Situation Awareness and Early Warning in Big Data
  • Protection and Practice of Cloud Computing in Cyber Security of Financial Industry
  • Security Issues That New Financial Enterprises Will Face in the Internet Scenario
  • How to Achieve Data Security Under the National Network Security Law
  • Status Quo and Construction Ideas of Data Security in Financial Industry
  • Discussion on Threat Intelligence in Financial Industry
  • How Financial Firms Anti-fraud
  • Security Problems of Financial Enterprises When Starting New Business Under the Internet Scene


The summit will be held on November 28th – 29th. For more information, please visit  http://18th.chinafintechsummit.noppen-group.com/


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