8 eBooks on the Southeast Asian Business Ecosystem

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One of the most promising regional markets in the world is Southeast Asia. It is projected to have the fifth largest economy by 2020, thanks largely to its thriving startup scene. In fact, the region boasts of eight unicorns led by the popular ride-hailing company Grab. This is why many entrepreneurs have taken a keen interest in investing and building companies in Southeast Asia. 

As an investor or entrepreneur, it is important to get pertinent information and insights about the region’s nascent tech ecosystem to help you better plan and make decisions. With this in mind, we’ve decided to list eight of the best books on the Southeast Asian business ecosystem. 

Startup Talks in Asia: Candid Interview With 10 Asian Start-up Founders About Their Entrepreneurial Journey by Arif Saputra and Riza Fahmi

eBook on the Southeast Asian Business Ecosystem

A compilation of  stories and insights from ten startup leaders present during the 2015 Tech in Asia Singapore Conference, this book is perfect for young entrepreneurs deciding between bootstrapping and funding or just looking for inspiration and general advice on building their startup.

Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia’s Innovation Boom by Rebecca Fannin 

eBook on the Southeast Asian Business Ecosystem

For more than a year, Rebecca Fannin interviewed one hundred of Asia’s startup leaders and investors in China, India, Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam, consolidating the best practices in creating business models and expanding startups exponentially. Through this research, she shows how some Asian tech hotspots have grown and how different their development is compared to Silicon Valley. Fannin’s Startup Asia gives an in-depth look at the inner workings of the brilliant minds shaping the Asian startup boom, making it a must-read for both upcoming and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Guide to Building Trust, Inspiring Respect, and Creating Long-lasting Business Relationships by Sharon Schweitzer with Liz Alexander 

eBook on the Southeast Asian Business Ecosystem

In this book, international business consultant Sharon Schweitzer with the help of Leading Thought co-founder Liz Alexander puts the spotlight on social and cultural factors that influence the success of establishing a strong reputation and business relationships in Asia. Schweitzer covers the dos and donts of relationship building by combining her intercultural communication expertise with insights from regional business leaders. Her work is an essential handbook for CEOs and high level executives who want to boost their business through hosting events and going on business trips. 

Talented Southeast Asia: Business Success Through Talent Management Excellence by Karen Cariss and Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith 

Through conducting numerous interviews with executives and business leaders and providing incisive analysis of talent management strategies and Southeast Asian leadership culture, the duo of Karen Cariss and Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith of PageUp People offer extensive insights on creating a successful business in the region. If you’re looking to maximize, attract, and retain the best talents in the industry, this is the book for you.  

A Pocket Guide on Investment & Advisory for Startups and Businesses in Southeast Asian Markets by Kailash (Kai) Raghuwanshi

Written by Southeast Asian market expert Kailash Raghuwanshi, this book is an important resource for investors and entrepreneurs who want to know what criteria to look for when investing, what the Southeast Asian market can offer, and what investments were successful in Southeast Asia in the past. Raghuwanshi also provides a fresh perspective on business metrics and financing  and gives advice on how to use technology and explore other avenues to grow businesses. 

Building Startup Ecosystems: Introducing the Vibrancy Rating by David Shelters 

eBook on the Southeast Asian Business Ecosystem

In this book, David Shelters introduces the Vibrancy Rating—the first qualitative method of evaluating the developmental progress of a local startup ecosystem. The application of the said methodology is illustrated through a fascinating narrative of the development of Thailand’s startup community. This book will give you a deeper understanding of the dynamics among local startups and the critical ability to assess startup communities, enabling you to effectively engage your local talents and make smart financial decisions. 

The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia: The Quadruple Helix Influence on Technological Innovation edited by Stavros Sindakis and Christian Walter 

In this volume, more than fifteen scholars and business leaders examine the entrepreneurial growth of the Southeast Asian startup scene. By examining factors in the local context, such as the region’s political climate and economic and social development, they answer some of the most pressing questions on business policies and decision-making.  

The Asian Insider: Unconventional Wisdom for Asian Business by Michael Backman 

Renowned business columnist Michael Backman offers a comprehensive look on Asian business and society by giving his readers important facts and figures, interesting anecdotes, and illuminating case studies. Although the book focuses on Asia’s business landscape, Backman also provides a closer look on Southeast Asia and how political issues such as corruption, pornography, and death penalty influence its business industry. He dedicates some of the book’s chapters on the region’s respective countries specifically Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. 



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