Building the App of Your Dreams Begins with the Right Partner

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It is undeniable how much mobile apps have changed the way people live. With something as simple as a few taps on a smartphone or any smart device, anyone can easily watch their favorite movies and shows, hail a private car, order food, study another language, and more. It’s true: there’s an app for almost everything. According to statistics, there are currently more than 2.5 million apps in Google Play, and more than 1.8 million in Apple’s App Store. Social media apps Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram lead the list for the most downloaded apps in the world.

This kind of popularity can be attributed to two things: people love the convenience in the services that apps bring into their lives, and their accessible nature lets people use them whenever and wherever. 

Rising to the occasion

While most apps answer people’s needs for travel, leisure or education, some are designed to help save lives as well. For example, there’s First Aid, an app developed by the American Red Cross that provides resources on basic first-aid, disaster awareness, or immediate emergency aid. There’s also ShareTheMeal, which allows users to donate to the United Nations World Food Program to feed children and families suffering from hunger. Be My Eyes, in particular, connects volunteers to blind people or those with visual impairments who need help with their everyday tasks.

As the current pandemic situation unfolds, the practicality and efficiency of mobile apps have become more apparent than ever. A lot of the COVID-19-related apps in the market today are designed for contact tracing to help authorities curb the rising number of infections. Australia, Colombia, France, Italy, and Malaysia are just some of the countries that have tapped the power of mobile apps to help with this cause. 

The Philippines alone has more than five apps that can be used for contact tracing and assessing if a person has the virus or not. One of the apps, ENDCoV, was created by a group of students who wanted to contribute to the country’s efforts to identify and prioritize patients in need of testing or immediate care. They also aimed to ease people’s worries about the pandemic by allowing them to conveniently assess their health on their own.

An app for every need

Aside from the contact tracing and health assessment purposes, mobile apps have been useful for people to comply with social distancing measures. There are on-demand delivery apps today that help users with groceries and other necessities without leaving the safety of their own homes. People have also turned to digital payment and e-wallet apps to pay for orders or transfer funds without visiting the bank.

It has long been clear that apps can help streamline and simplify work — now they have risen as one of the key tools in helping countries flatten the curve.

There are hundreds of ideas yet to be realized for mobile apps. However, it’s not easy creating an app. App development takes time and a lot of testing and repairing, from conceptualization to your first open beta. While not everyone is skilled in app development, the wise thing that anyone with an innovative idea for an app can do is outsource services instead.

Finding the right developer for the right app

Saigon Technology, a Vietnam-based software development outsourcing company, said in a blog post that businesses should essentially look for app developers who possess these three characteristics: good communications skills, a strong and clean portfolio, and a proven track record of shipping working apps on time. 

App developers with good communication skills would go out of their way to fully explain the terms and processes that go behind making an app. They also wouldn’t mind answering questions, no matter how tough or trivial they may be — it should be considered a red flag if the developer does not clear up any confusion and misunderstanding about the app development process.

To save time and costs, entrepreneurs should also make sure that they hire a developer that already has experience in a project similar to their idea. Take a close look at their portfolio: do they have good attention to detail? Do they have a good work ethic? These are just some of the questions that entrepreneurs should consider when tapping an app developer. References should also be available to know more about the developer’s work process.

Lastly, it’s important for developers to be consistent with deadlines. Some businesses can’t afford to spend more than their budget just because the development process took longer than the agreed deadline. Therefore, entrepreneurs should choose app developers who are able to produce functional apps on time.

There are a number of app developers all over the world, such as Saigon Technology, that help businesses turn their app dreams into a reality. Choosing the right app developer is crucial in the birth of an app, and one needs to pick their partner well: while it’s important to be in sync when it comes to the final product, it’s the development process that can make or break the entire project.

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