crisis Management

Recover quickly, and bounce back stronger.

Crisis Management is a service that most companies wish they never have to avail of.

But it can happen anytime, and more often than not, without any warning. Companies can do all they can to avoid them, but when it does happen, it’s all about mitigating the effects and recovering as soon as you can.

Unfortunately, there will be times when efforts won’t work, and one is left with the unsavory task of managing how a company responds. Handling crises and managing the information becomes even more critical when social media comes into play: headlines are shared swiftly while context can fall behind.

With a team of PR professionals, journalists, and marketing experts, Ambidextr gets you across the crisis and back to recovery.

From the assessment to execution, it will be all about softening the blows to your brand, and getting you ready to bounce back.

  • Communication plans and statements are prepared for you and your internal stakeholders.
  • Your communication channels will be assessed to make sure your messaging stays consistent.
  • The public’s response to you during and after the crisis will be monitored, making sure your strategy stays flexible.

Misinformation won’t be the way out. Crises can be turned into an opportunity to reaffirm its values and foster stronger relationships with your customers in the future.

Our team has more than four decades of combined experience working with various brands on how and what they communicate with their public — we’ll be your guide through the media landscape, and make sure you come through ready to rebuild.

Rebuild your brand’s reputation and protect your future.