Do You Know the Importance of Social Media to Your Local Product Promotion?

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By the time the Philippines attached itself to the internet, various platforms arose for collective and individualistic purposes. Because of this, for six years now, the country ranks first in the global rankings for social media and internet usage. This just means that most Filipinos spend their time on apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

With the rise of social media presence  in the country, local businesses take the opportunity to up their marketing strategies online. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has left many Filipinos unemployed or struggling financially, local entrepreneurs are taking their brands to Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, Lazada, etc. to reach a wider audience, and convert them into customers.

Social media promotion is done in plain sight. You’d find a fast-food chain’s advertisement of their famous fried chicken as you scroll through your Facebook timeline. Move to Instagram, and you’d see one of your friends selling lipsticks with your favorite shades. If you click your Shoppe app, you’d see running shoes in different colors at different cheap prices. More brands project one of the most used sentence on social media, ‘follow us on social media.’

Looking at these circumstances, perhaps, most Filipinos don’t realize they are ‘caught’ by social media promotion. For business owners like you who’d like to promote your products online, this is an opportunity! This is the importance of social media to local product promotion. First, we dwell on its importance in your local business. 

In Your Local Business

Brand promotion photo of Ligo Sardines

Truly, your business needs exposure. Nowadays, it’s a big advantage that you launch it with social media branding. We’ve been physically limited by quarantine for over a year now as we still can’t go to malls and food establishments. This is why many of us would resort to ordering products while at home—now more than ever.

Social media campaigns are important to you as a businessperson because you let your business present the products to your target audience. And isn’t it magical that the internet transcends the time and place of every person?

Indeed, a buyer from Davao can see, like, react, share, or follow your business posts and page about the goods that you sell. Users can still see your posted products even though you posted them a week ago. You see this social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada with both big and small businesses.

Usually, local owners present their products with written texts or with pictures, price, condition (if secondhand), place of origin, and feedback from other buyers—for the buyers to identify the goods.  Nevertheless, it’s still essential to innovate what you sell, a chance to find or answer the customer’s needs or wants.

Another social media importance to local product promotion is their nature of being accessible. Using Facebook is much easier in the virtual world as there’s no limited number of posts, and you can post anything about your products.

Positive feedbacks and especially shares are your achievements in spreading the news about your business and its products. Brand awareness teaches you to make a remembrance for the audience, thus differentiating your brand from others. One of the key ways to track this is through customers’ engagement that shows how much people interact with your content, thus signifying your compatibility with your target audience. 

Certainly, social media campaigns play a role in handling businesses online. On these platforms, you benefit from marketing your audience by just posting on your page that stirs attention and engagement.

We can never know a single formula for social media marketing. In the case of some people who still can’t get away with boredom at home during this pandemic, your content conveying a static message can’t successfully invite them to buy your product. Try mixing up your content every now and then. It focuses your posts on things that your target audience can personally relate to. 

In the month of June, people can relate themselves to the topic of Pride Month or the experiences we have after six months of 2021. Lazada recently made an ad about the LGBTQIA+ community being accepted, loved, and understood by people.  What makes this a strong marketing strategy is the recency of the topic, and how it resonates with the Filipino experiences in the gender discourse. Certainly, consumers prefer brands that easily harmonize with their values, and for this, Lazada successfully touched the Filipino heart. 

Filipinos are unified because (among many other things!) we use our hearts, embedded in experiential things. This is the chance for business owners to make social media marketing strategies that are timely or pleasing to the buyers’ interests. And since we talk about the local audience, we dig deeper into this topic. 

In Your Local Audience

Business on Facebook 

One thing we learned about economics, marketing, and other related fields, needs, and wants are endless. We buy things based on our personal biases, judgments, and interests.

In a world where almost all things are accessible because of social media presence, a lot of us save time and space. Even saving our minds from thinking too much when our hands touch our laptops and cellphones.

Usually, most Filipinos, when motivated by the desire to buy something, look for platforms that would satisfy the goal to buy products. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, Lazada, etc. because these are already familiarized in the minds of Filipino buyers. So now, they can easily and immediately navigate choices of the products commonly bought by the locals for shopping, meal, and technological purposes. 

Therefore, convenience plays a big role in enhancing the customer experience. A more reason for businesses to utilize the power of social media branding in marketing. And this is why there’s social media importance to your local product promotion for your audience.

It’s said that Facebook and Instagram are some of the leading apps for buying and selling products in Southeast Asia. In Facebook usage, along with Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the Philippines is also considered as the top largest advertising audience. Also in the region, 72% of Instagram users buy products through the app at least once.

One thing’s sure: Filipinos like to buy products online. With infinite interests being kept and continue to be found, their online lives are important. To some, it’s even hard to live without the internet these days! For your business, discoveries and innovations must continue because we live in a changing world at a changing time as people’s interests also change. So now, we must take a look at how important social media are to local product promotion in the virtual world.

In the Virtual World

Instagram’s Business Account 

The virtual world itself benefits from social media usage of local businesses because IT is being used for this purpose. The technological presence of Facebook and Instagram has made the social media companies behind them continually grow.

Among many, paid advertisements are launched for businesses to promote their products. TikTok also supports other local owners as they release promotional advertisements by content creators. For example, famous local TikTokers like Christian Antolin makes content to promote products from other local brands like Mr. DIY, Lazada, and McDonald’s. 

The importance of social media to local product promotion in the virtual world manifests as many business owners and buyers flood the apps. On Facebook and Instagram, local businesses utilize ‘stories’ that further share and promote their products to their target audience. Facebook Carousel Ads shows your products’ photos with a running ad on it. Live streaming allows sellers to show their products for the customers’ expectations and knowledge. 

You can see that the virtual world gives relevance to social media as they develop more platforms for the promotion of the business’ products. Tech companies lead the continuous development of these marketing opportunities more than just connecting, retail, online payment, etc. See, the technological industry keeps growing!

Social media is a powerful tool for brands, so you have to expand the use of social media for your business in promoting your products. It’s an advantage that businesses penetrate the virtual world—as long as social media marketing strategies are effectively used for product promotion.

There’s so much to strategize in social media marketing. Make an effective one, and you’ll one day say ‘follow us on social media’, and then more buyers will message you for orders!

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Visual by: Jamica Dy Juanco

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