Events Management

Put the spotlight on you and your brand

Events give brands the opportunity to form stronger connections with their audience, as well as put their services in the spotlight.

Large events can include conferences, launches, seminars, award ceremonies, company celebrations, and even concerts, while smaller events can take the form of media round-tables, workshops, and meetings. For every goal, there’s an event strategy to use.

But the whole production can be a stressful, time-consuming process that puts a strain on internal resources. It also requires maximum effort from your team before, during, and after the event to see it through. Ambidextr can take the stress and strain away by providing end-to-end event management services.

Our process for events management

After defining your budget and objectives, we will conceptualize your event and serve as project managers who will put every element of the event together. Instead of having to worry about every single detail, you can focus on the core contents of the event while we take care of the rest.

We will update you every step of the way so you know that the event is on schedule and, most importantly, within

From the theme to the activities to the entertainment, our team will align each element of the event so that your target market is engaged. The script will be developed with your guidance to ensure that the program is true to the brand’s persona from start to finish. The entertainment will be carefully curated so that it stays true to the company’s image, the event’s mood, and the audience’s taste. The venue will likewise be designed to enhance the overall mood. The brand’s story, in short, will shine through every element of the event.

Aside from the creative requirements, Ambidextr will also assist with all the logistics needed to make the event successful. This includes scouting for venues, sourcing vendors, recommending suppliers, negotiating with third-parties, and securing permits. We will interface every logistical decision with your team so that it aligns with your company’s needs and goals.

We’ll take care of everything — all you have to do is attend and engage your audience.

As an end-to-end public relations company, we can also invite different external stakeholders to your event. This can include print, digital, and broadcast media that can ensure your event receives press coverage. Even a niche audience for specific brands: lifestyle bloggers for consumer brands, or financial literacy influencers for fintech services. No matter what you do, we can find the audience to amplify your company’s message, staged through an event that captures their collective imagination.

Our events management team

To ensure that every part of your event is smooth and worry-free, we have assembled a team of highly-trained and experienced events management professionals. They have mounted both small- and large-scale events all over the country, and they can help you conceptualize your events and see it through until the end.

Our relationship with the country’s top event suppliers are leveraged to ensure that all of our clients get the best value. We make sure that we keep abreast of trends, developments, and new technology so that our events are always exciting, dynamic, and current.

Share your goals with us, and we’ll produce the right event for you.

We specialize in various events

In-house events

Teambuilding activities


Media round-tables

B2B events

Product Launches

Press conferences



Award Ceremonies


Company Exhibitions

Give your brand and your audience an A-1 event experience.