Here’s Why You Should Hire an Event Management Team

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So your company has decided to stage an event. Whether this is your first or tenth, the impression your brand leaves on potential partners and customers can more often make or break your business. Anything–from a simple dinner for investors to an official launch of a new product–could speak volumes on your company’s ideals and value proposition. At a time when praise and criticism can be constantly generated and widely distributed to the public due to social media, brands and firms now have more on the line. 

Indeed, there’s been growing excitement both from public and private sectors to hold events as markets increasingly yearn for experiential and meaningful campaigns. 

At the turn of the millennium, the Philippines, particularly Metro Manila, saw a wealth of events and summits staged in different key cities as more convention centers cropped up. The enthusiasm and activity in the industry mostly came from the private sector. But once the 2010s came, even the government became aggressive enough to say it wanted to capture at least 1 percent of the global meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) tourism market.

With all sectors raising their standards, it’s all the more vital for your company to showcase its best in its next official event. This is why it matters to ensure your event is developed and organized by an experienced event management team. Delegating that task to in-house staff members who may have little to no experience in event planning is a strategy that can easily go awry. 


By hiring an event management team, your company can save valuable time that could be better spent on activities and tasks that you know best. With their experience in the field, an event management team already has the insight, network, and knowhow to execute even your most ambitious goals for the next company event. 

They could help your company better figure out how to implement the vision you may have for example, without subjecting you to the dirty work of having to research to check if they are possible. From the biggest decisions, like the event venue to the most basic like an invitation copy, an event management team can do that in your stead; all you need is to just confirm and approve their proposed ideas. 


The experts may also save you valuable money, as they usually have the proper contacts to tap for the budget you set. Give them an amount to work on, and they can reach out to the suppliers who can deliver to your expectations within the budget you desire. 

For example, the most competitive event management teams would have worked with several venue owners and operators that they already have enough social capital to bank on to earn discounted prices on leasing fees. Their extensive network may also give you access to the creatives you’ve been hoping to collaborate with, but never got the chance to. And that’s a valuable advantage that can help you save costs on several other aspects of the event that you may have to outsource. 

Collaborative work

But more than the budget and time saved, the value of having a collaborator in executing an event, especially momentous ones, could help you get your creative juices going. It may be tempting to do all the work, and think your ideas are the best ones out there, especially when you know the company so well. After all, it’s easy to fall into the superhero mentality when working on something you’re passionate about. But as the latest Avengers movies have shown, even the toughest may need help to get the work done. 

Having a collaborator, who has had experience in event management, can elevate your ideas into an event experience attendees will remember. Save yourself from an immense workload, and let event management experts do the stressful work for you. These are people who have had previous experience in staging every type of event, so best believe they know what will work on the event you are trying to pull off. 

If you’re struggling in executing that next company event, talk to us. Ambidextr is comprised of seasoned creatives who’ve had experience staging events for different industries, from agriculture to FMCG companies. 

For more insights on event marketing, brand journalism, and the Asia-Pacific startup ecosystem, schedule a FREE 20-min. consultation with Ambidextr today in our Calendly link:

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