Open UP Global Summit Happening this November 2019

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Taipei, Taiwan – The first tech summit focused on open-source communities, products, and experts in Asia-Pacific, aiming to provide a unique conference experience by integrating global resources and developing open-source products with an assisted yet entertaining process. At this conference, we invited more than 30 speakers. Over 25 talks, project demos and 5 workshops focused on career management, leadership and UX design will be hosted during the 2 day conference. Happening on November 30 – December 1, 2019, at Sanchuang Yucheng, 11th Floor.


This is a great opportunity to explore “open” mindsets and connect with our global community. Open UP Summit 2019 gathers highly acclaimed speakers, professionals, and key leaders in global technology communities with 4 featured tracks to be launched, #opendata #opendesign #openvision and #futureofwork for this year’s highlights.


This year the following eminent personalities will be guesting the event: 


  • Stan Leong, VP and GM of Emerging Markets, Mozilla
  • Sarah Yang, Talent Brand and Diversity Lead at @Getaround
  • Polley Wong, Co-Founder of ViuSpace(Open UP Summit 2019 Co-Lab Entrepreneur)
  • Yen Song (Yehwan Song), Creative Director of YSong Studio
  • Catherine Gutierrez, UX Designer of StorytimeUX
  • Eriol Fox, Lead Designer at Ushahidi
  • Sujin Lee, Software Engineer at Straits Times
  • Hsin-Chan Chien, CTO of Mirror Media, Open Data Digital News Platform Company
  • Wuulong Hsu, Founder of LASS (The Location-Aware Sensor System) Improving Air Quality
  • Gerard Sans, Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services
  • Doan Kieu My (Kimiko), Founder of YellowBlocks
  • Justine LT Chua, Founder The Bumpy Career, Career Coaching Workshops
  • Tim Salau,Mr. Future, Work and Global Evangelist at WeWork
  • Aaron Huang, Everipedia Taiwan/Community Manager
  • Denny Huang, Co-founder of SITCON(Students’ Information Technology Conference)
  • Honki Cheng, Co-Founder of Open Lab Taipei
  • Tai Tsao, Change Management and Customer Success Lead at Meeteor
  • Ann Chu, Former Sr. UX Designer at Autodesk


One of our major sponsors for this year’s summit is Mozilla Corporation as our vision aligned with theirs. Join us on November 30 – December 1, 2019, at Syntrend Creative Park, Taipei and connect with global tech communities! 


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