Singapore’s Empiricon to be held on September 30, 2019

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Esplanade, Singapore – Known as Asia’s premier conference on tech and sustainability, Empiricon will be held at Esplanade Annexe Studio on September 30, 2019. The conference launched by Tabula Rasa at Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology last 2018, will continue to explore deep-tech solutions for sustainability and drive conversations on sustainable communities, consumption and production, new technology and innovation, and good health and well-being.


Empiricon hopes to bring awareness to the ​Sustainable Development Goals and to continue exploring deep-tech solutions for sustainability.‍ With this, they invited the co-creator of Restorative Innovation, Jovan Tan, to deliver a keynote speech on innovative ways to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The conference will also feature multi-sensory experiences where participants will get a sneak peek into the future of our living environment.


Around 250 attendees from both public and private sectors are expected to attend this year’s Empiricon. Over 30 panelists from fashion, sustainability, medicine, food science, and tech will be discussing issues such as zero waste, conscious fashion, the future of health, and mobility and inclusion, among others.


There will be various speakers during Empiricon, most of which are C-level executives namely Cheryl Chung, from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Lekha Patmanathan from Nexergy, who will be talking about building a sustainable world through the use of technology during the opening panel. 


The panelists include the Chief Development at Revolv, Jonathan Tostevin, Founder of Green is the New Black, Stephanie Dickson, Jon Max Goh, the programme manager at The Bridge Fashion Incubator‍, Verleen Goh, the co-founder of Food Alchemy, the Director for Sustainability at GSX Exchange, Matthias Gelber, Dorjee Sun, the co-founder of Perlin, along with Joyce Tay, the programme director of StartupX.

For the closing panel discussion, the managing partner at TRIVE, Christopher Quek, will be joining the closing panel discussing the role of technology in sustainability.


Other speakers for the event will include Dr. Reid Lim, the founder of MEDGIC and Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng, founder of uHoo will be tackling about the future of health and well-being.


‍Quentin Vaquette, the co-founder and director of ENGIE Factory Asia Pacific, and Hareld van den Brink, the director of Metabolic Asia, who are also part of the opening panel to discuss strategies and steps in building a sustainable world. 


Fionn Ferreira, the winner of Google Science Fair 2019, will have a video played during the event, sharing his experience at Google Science Fair, and his new method to remove microplastics from water.


A keynote speech will be delivered by the Founder of Living Planet, ‍Prof. Jeff Obbard, tackling climate change through innovation, along with Marc Allen, the technical director at Engeco. 


The vice president of Innovate360, ‍Elias Tan and a venture partner from Quest Ventures, Russ Neu will also be tackling about their experiences on building sustainable communities in a fireside chat with Vinise Kwa from SecondMuse.


After the keynote,​ a​ ​​fireside chat featuring​ community builders and leaders​ is going to highlight the importance of building smaller communities to resolve issues such as career opportunities, affordable housing, safety, and inclusion, which in turn, contributes to building a larger sustainable ecosystem.


As partners, the Singapore Semi-Finals of​ Make It In China Startup Contest 2019​ will also be held at the conference. Presented by Brinc and THero, the contest hopes to introduce i​nternational hardware startups to China’s manufacturing ecosystem to establish strong supply chains with local partners and scale production.


After the contest, Christain Cadeo from Big Idea Ventures is going to deliver a presentation on ​the rise of plant-based and clean meat food on the global landscape​ and trends in consumer and investment opportunities,​ followed by a panel discussion on the future of health and well-being,​ which looks at what we can do to change the way we live, and how technology can help prevent diseases and improve access to healthcare.



Tabula Rasa is an events curation agency that believes in driving impact through experiences, has one key goal at Empiricon 2019, to continue advocating for the UN Sustainable Development Goals to inspire and empower action for everyone to commit to a more sustainable future. Tabula Rasa is a Singapore based events curation company founded on the spirit of generating experiences.


Latin for a blank slate, Tabula Rasa is a philosophical theory stating that all humans are born without perceptions and expectations. Throughout life, we find meaning by experiencing and learning. Through curating knowledge-based and industry-driven conferences, and designing campaigns and festivals with a good cause, Tabula Rasa shares experiences and builds communities.

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