The 2nd Annual ASEAN HR Innovation & Tech Summit will be Driving Human Capital and Corporate Innovation in the Digital Age on September 12 and 13

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Manila, Philippines – Last October 2018, the ASEAN HR Tech Venture Summit highlighted the comprehensive update on the state of HR in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations, including how technology is being adopted into the process. Other highlights focused on the shift of HR from traditional to agile, a case study on the failure of a merger and how corporate HR can drive a successful post-merger integration. The conference featured 5 themed tracks: technology, legal, mergers and acquisitions and venture business, and corporate branding for CEOs.

This year, the 2nd Annual ASEAN HR Innovation & Tech Summit is set to be held on September 12 to 13, 2019, at Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Manila – Driving Human Capital and Corporate Innovation in the Digital Age.

For the past decade, digital innovation creates a huge impact on organizational development. Corporations are moving towards massive digital transformation. Multinational Companies and SMEs are adopting change and implementing technology innovation through artificial intelligence, automation, IoT and robotics. But it required strong leadership and will to change the culture.

One of the media partners of ASEAN HR Innovation and Tech Summit is Amidextr, a content marketing, and events management company focused on serving tech companies in the Asia Pacific. 


“While digital transformation is all the buzz today, the world of HR all too often gets left out of this discussion. But the digitalization of human resources is crucial for any organization that wants a leg up on competitors. Embracing digital HR will help enterprises recruit and retain better talent, improve their employer brand, and build their culture,” said Monette Quiogue of Amidextr

The 2nd Annual ASEAN HR Innovation & Tech Summit will focus on a 7-point agenda; the role of global and regional HR, compliance, leadership and change, communication, talent management and development, compensation and benefits, and technology and automation. 

This will discuss the gaps in the future of HR, fundamental of HR transformation, building HR leaders during HR and organization transformation, identifying the challenges of HR transformation and recovery in emerging markets, merging the digital & technology-driven talent as an opportunity to transform business and many more.

The first-day masterclass and second-day conference highlights experts from different industries share their insights on the 7-point agenda and learn from globally renowned trainers and experts during the masterclass.

Joined by over 19 invited speakers and relevant panelists coming from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Oceanic Regions on limited seat capacity. Most of the delegates are exclusively invited and the rest are for the general public.

For more details of the 2nd ASEAN HR Summit, visit


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