The Ateneo Organization Recruitment Week (RecWeek) is one of the biggest annual events of our university.

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Every first semester of the school year, students parade the 80+ extra-curricular activities and organizations to invite and recruit other students to join them. RecWeek is one of the student body’s biggest traditions due to the atmosphere the event provides every year. However, due to the pandemic and our remote learning setting, RecWeek was also moved to an online setting for this year.

With the goal to uplift communities through technology, the Executive Board of Developer Student Club — Loyola, decided to take this opportunity to help out the student body for this year’s RecWeek. One of the main problems students encountered from the past RecWeeks is the fact that not all organizations are given the spotlight. To give all organizations a chance to shine, DSC Loyola decided to take a big step by creating a mobile application to centralize all org information in one platform.

Thus, Pavilion was born. What started out as a “Gawa tayo ng app” joke became one of the biggest projects of DSC Loyola to date. As a team of 6 — 1 product manager, 2 developers, 2 user experience designers, and 1 data engineer, the Executive Board of DSC Loyola conducted research and ideation sessions, designed, and developed Pavilion (or Pav) in 8 weeks.

Pav offers students a glimpse into all of the 80+ organizations in the Ateneo. Through the app, they are able to see information on an organization, its vision and mission, advocacies, core competencies, and projects and events. 

To know more about DSC Loyola, check out their website ( and follow them on social media for more updates! 

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