Video Production

The new media staple

Video is a key part of new media. Whether it be advertisements, corporate audio-video presentations, explainer videos or infomercials, videos have always been able to capture people’s attention better than text and photos printed on a piece of paper or seen on a screen.

And with the popularity of the smartphone, video has solidified its status as one of the most effective digital marketing tools: it’s an engaging way to deliver a message and makes a very shareable piece of content.

For your most important messages, a video is what you need.

And if it is an important message, it's best to leave production to the experts. Our video production services helps you deliver eye-catching and compelling content while preserving the message you want to say.

It all starts with our teams coming together to align your objectives. From there, Ambidextr will develop the concept, the storyline, the mood and tone. We’ll string our ideas together for a script that turns bullets on a presentation deck into a story that will make people feel what we want them to feel, learn what we want them to learn, and hear what we want them to hear.

  • We will serve as the executive producer who will oversee every single aspect of the production. From the creative lineup to the technical experts, we make sure that we have the best team, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, working on your video.
  • Beyond all the creative and technical aspects, our team also rids you of all the stress and hassle of the logistical requirements. We will seek out the perfect location, apply and secure proper permits and source everything that is necessary for the production.
  • We will interface with appropriate representatives in your company so that we can guarantee that all aspects of the production will be smooth sailing.​
  • We speak from our collective experience in video production in award-winning ads, international and local TV shows, and films with critical acclaim.
  • Our in-house experts have also established their own network of some of the most highly respected and experienced production professionals who will all work together to deliver a video that will entice and engage your audience.

Video content is here to stay.

And brands of all sizes, established corporations and start-ups, have something to gain from including video production in their marketing strategy. We’re here to help you realize yours.

Take your message to the next level.