What The Brain Craves: How Video Content Marketing Can Grow Your Company’s Potential

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The “new normal” has driven the masses more into the digital sphere, enabling them to browse the world wide web with almost no limits. Regardless of age, everybody has been glued to their phones because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that 44.98% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, businesses can easily tap into the potential of turning these smartphone users into possible clients. However, the ability to capture the attention of many can become a daunting task, considering that most people have short attention spans as well. This is where video marketing comes in. After all, if a picture paints a thousand words, how much more impact can a video make on a viewer? 

The brain craves multisensory experiences

Online users are constantly looking for the next big thing that satisfies their boredom or cravings. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and the like have a vast majority of content containing videos, articles, and posts that keep people entertained and distracted from the world for hours on end. As such, by creating high-quality content that attracts potential customers through visual and auditory means, you are in a better capacity to succeed through your marketing tactics. Captivating videos, mesmerizing visuals, and humorous lines combined with beautiful imagery are among the different techniques that can be used in creating content videos. Using videos integrated with a multisensory element will instantaneously capture the attention of your audience. In fact, a study by strategic growth consultancy company Insivia shows that people would rather watch short videos than read articles or blogs, recalling about 95% of what they watched compared to what they have read. 

Simply put, video marketing has been a driving force behind the growth of some of the fastest-growing companies today. One noteworthy example of a successful video marketing campaign is that of the Dollar Shave Club. With one viral video, the company that was once struggling to make ends meet became so in demand that it was valued at USD$1 billion upon its acquisition by Unilever.

The returns on investment

The cost of video content marketing may prove to be quite intimidating for some. The price is highly dependent on the quality and type of video that you want to create. However, investing and taking time in video content marketing will surely come a long way in terms of the benefits it will provide later on.

In the near future, 82% of all internet traffic is estimated to be in video format. The number of people consuming video after video increases as each year passes. According to a research study by animated explainer video company Wyzowl, several marketers received a lot of positive feedback after using video marketing:

Infographic by Chloe Gaw

Statistically,  54% of consumers look specifically for videos to get to know one’s company or brand. People are also twice as likely to share video-content to their family, friends, and colleagues. This sort of strategy may lead to exponential growth in brand awareness by 54%. Watching videos can thus help gain the attraction of customers as it can make your brand look more trustworthy and authentic. Consumers will be more likely to purchase or learn about the product or services you are offering after watching your product in live-action. This may positively impact one’s company and makes sure that every penny spent on video-content production is worth it.

The power of social media

By choosing to invest in video marketing, one can truly dive in and maximize social media as a marketing platform. There are around 3.5 billion users who use social media on an average of three hours per day.  This reveals an opportunity for businesses to easily reach out to their target audience and be heard. Social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all perfect platforms to get the word out about your company. 

Whether you are selling a product or showcasing your company, it is never too late to use video as a marketing tool for your business. Over the past few years, video marketing has been an increasing trend. Most businesses now consider and use video content as a key factor in their marketing strategy and it is only a matter of time for other companies to catch up as well too.

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Visual by Chloe Gaw

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