Why businesses should start being interactive with their content

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With today’s situation, interaction and communication between people has proven more difficulty to the pandemic. Some rules are restricted and have to be obeyed to ensure safety, even if these rules are setting aside our engagement and enthusiasm towards something. We have also developed certain technologies that may help us communicate better with our customers, but it may result in a harder persuasion with the distance between us.

Thankfully, the different aspects in media can help us reach them. Now, we have interactive content to be used for better communication and excitement towards the showcase of services and products for a business.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is any form of media that sellers use to connect to their consumers. This medium encourages the immersion and communication between retailers and customers, making sure that both sides benefit upon its usage. There are certain types of services that require interactive content like schools, drug companies, and online shopping companies. Some of the most common and efficiently used variety of interactive contents are infographics, webinars, and surveys.


There are different types of infographics, and one of them is interactive infographic. These infographics can be animated, containing movable elements and sections that require navigation. Infographics are not always reliant on 2D and 3D designs though—some have video contents, and this will depend on the format that you want to use. TED-Ed is a YouTube channel that creates interactive content by delivering people and animated infographics. Additionally, TED-Ed is not exclusive to infographics; they also release video contents of live conferences about certain issues that piques the interest of millions of people.

Another example is Kurzgesagt. This channel is also focused on animated Infographics about questions and Ideas on sciences, mainly questioning the possibilities of different phenomena. 

The World Health Organization also has a stable form and style of animated infographics. This is seen in their campaign for Universal Health Coverage. These materials may have different objectives, but they all contain one goal that the campaign needs to prioritize.


A webinar is a seminar conducted over the internet. Today, there are multiple platforms that may support webinars such as Facebook Livestream and other online conferencing softwares such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Through these, having interaction between the webinar hosts and participants will give both parties an immersive experience towards a topic being discussed.


A Survey is a method for gathering information from people to compare, describe, or explain their knowledge, experiences, and behavior. It is always important to know what a certain group of people need or want in the present time, such as trends. Trends always exist and businesses need to find a way on how they will fit into the attention of consumers. 

Online surveys are already considered to be interactive, but it is better to give surveys appeals by adding graphic elements instead of leaving it as is with its plain texts. This kind of survey could be called a “creative survey form” as it adds an aesthetical engagement on who will answer it. It is also important to balance the kind and design of a creative survey that will be used. Through it all, the survey conductor must always remember their target audience.

How can it be used for marketing purposes

Now that there are given examples on the kinds of interactive content, it is time to organize and plan methods that will help you with your marketing strategy.

  1. Knowing your target audience and what they need

With the use of interactive content, it is possible to gather information on what kind of people that you really want to engage with. Here, a survey will really help an entrepreneur on what a group of people want within a topic or field of needs.

Another option are webinars. Today, webinars can give benefits for those who hosted it and for those who will participate. A host must always recognize its participants for appreciating what they showcase. This will add attention for the people who need an experience about skills, specifically in demand and digital based services. 

  1. Analysis and collection of data from your interactive content 

Once you have processed your data instruments, you will be able to see the diverse amount of people that are interested in your business. Always learn to observe who will participate in the events that you will host, and foresee the future on what services you may offer for those individuals. For example, for surveys, your survey questions must be precise and not general, as this will help you with your final results and strengthen your knowledge on where you will create your marketing collaterals. These methods will give you enough feedback on what to change and what you must risk. Opportunities will always be available to business companies or individuals.

  1. Usage of  interactive content during your marketing

Interactive content is really important during your marketing process. It is a must to prepare different collateral materials depending on what is available and appealing to their audience. The current time is considered to be golden as what most people see is digitally conducted where interactive content exists, but it’s still important to make static collaterals that you may use physically and digitally. Always remember to create content that will give benefit to both marketers and the target audience—this way, both will always be connected. 

  1. Connection between you and consumers

In the advertising process, it is important to keep track of how you announce your services. A small change in your methods always has a chance to become a major sight to your consumers. Always pick what is necessary and set aside ideas that could be used later. Do not always follow your insights from the get-go and remember what you are offering and what people want you to offer.

Today, the usage of interactive content is important. Most of the offers that we see today are digitally implemented, and so to keep up, businesses must find their way to be digitally engaging too. Changes of strategies will be difficult, but creating varieties of content will help you adjust on what services are necessary, even if scarcity is visible.

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